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An update on Moe! - The Yorkshire Terrier Community

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March 27th, 2010

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07:56 am - An update on Moe!
So, the potty training has gone down hill for the time being. My boyfriend is not very... hmm.. puppy smart..Meaning this : I cleaned the bedroom yesterday evening and in a pile of his clothes I find three days worth of pooh. Which is the exact number of days that Moe has not pooh'd outside for James.

So, we are on to the next endeavor because of this. Moe is learning to be outside, with my other larger dog (the one in my Icon). His name is Bud, he is a German Shepard/Akita, 5 years old, I've had him since he was around 4-5 months. Technically I had him at the same age as Moe, but due to circumstances, I had to leave him with friends who had his sister. But it all worked out int he end.

Moe has also learned that I can hold his paw, he can squeek n sqwak and make that he is about to die because I am holding his paw (just enough to not let go too boot) BUT I am NOT going to let go, and if I do end up having to let go, then I will just get ahold of it again.

But, yeah. Its been a busy week. So I havent gotten very far for anything else. Still 2 daily walks a day and witht he addition of being able to be outside. Hopefully we will make leaps n bounds n not need puppy pads any more.

Do any of you still use pads for your older yorkies?

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Date:March 27th, 2010 07:05 pm (UTC)
No pads here. She only had one or two accidents when she was a puppy, but I was very diligent about taking her out constantly. They will have to pee and poop after sleep, after play, and immediately after eating. You just have to stay on top of it. It's much like having a baby, in that regard.
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Date:March 28th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
well see.. here is the thing. He doesnt poop immediately after eating.. He will pee on his pads but he seems to refuse to pooh on them.. Ive tried timing and there is no dead set timing to his potty times.. I just I am getting very frustrated with the pooh thing.. In the morning its a defiante he pooh's as soon as we go outside but no the afternoon pooh. ug. Ive never had a baby so I dont know how diligent you have to be.. and when I babysit, they are usually asleep. lol

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