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July 17th, 2011

11:06 am - frog butt

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May 1st, 2011

09:10 pm - Homeland Security: Activated

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January 5th, 2011

03:59 pm - an intro
Hi ya'll.. my name is joan.. I do not have a yorkie YET.. but will have.. eventually..

I have two big dogs.. and a few cats, the big dogs are wonderful with smaller animals (they think any creature smaller then them is their puppy.. including cats).. but I am reluctant to get a yorkie while they are still 'alive' because.. well a yorkie is diff then a 100 pound dog.. yorkies are lap dogs.. my two big dogs would love to be lap dogs.. and you tend to treat small animals diff then big ones, so i dont want my big babies to feel less loved..

they are older now, and not in their prime, one is in a lot of pain from advanced artheritis and as long as the doc says she has some good times i refuse to put her down, absolutely refuse it.. the other is getting there.. i will wait another 4 to 8 yrs for my yorkie if need be.. because i wont let any baby go before their time..

anyways, long story short.. i love yorkies.. neighbor across the street has one.. one thing i love about them (sorry hanna and kitty **my dogs**).. is the yorkies, all the ones i been round dont have that 'doggie' odor.. even when bathed the smell isnt strong, you know what i mean?
and they are S M A R T.. the neighbors dog.. they took time to go to a trainer and their dog.. sits, stays.. lays.. heels.. and 'hushes' when told to stop barking.. and she learned it 'fast'.. faster then my own two!.. i love smart animals.. i really love them..

though another friend of mine is like 'why do you want a cat that barks? get a real dog.. like the two you have now'.. *rolls eyes*

anyways.. just wanted to introduce myself.. and say hi.. and say 'eventually.. i will be a yorkie mommy too!'

I do have a question.. i got hanna and kitty.. two sibs.. because i always worry bout then feeling 'alone', when i am not or my older kids are not paying attention, or we go out to the movies and they would be left alone for two or three hours..

are yorkies better as 'singles', or do they do better in pairs?

thanks. :)

(you can see my babies now, in the icon)


October 30th, 2010

11:47 pm - happy halloween!

more pics hereCollapse )
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July 2nd, 2010

10:16 pm - Happy Fourth!

Paris hopes everyone has an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July!

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May 24th, 2010

04:43 pm - Show quality questions
Okay so here is the deal.

Id like to show Moe if he is show quality. I know I have just jumped right into the Yorkshire Terrier breed but you have to start some where.. I wish I could have done the research before I brought him home but I didnt get that opportunity..
The more I spend time with him the more I love him and the more I think about showing dogs. I've shown horses all my life, I dont expect them to be anything alike as per the experience but I do want to give it a try.

Now, I am trying to figure out if Moe is show quality. I do have an email into a local breeder/shower of Yorkshire Terriers, hopefully she will help me. But Id like to hear from some of you.

Do you show? I do have the CKC Quality Guide infront of me.. But Id like an outside view right now as I think he is perfect(not to be cocky or anything LOL) Id just like to hear some of your experiences.

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April 4th, 2010

08:31 am - Moe update
So! Moe went pooh outside in the back yard for the first time!!! I made him hold out in his kennel for an extra hour so he REALLY had to go, took the treats out with me and gave him super love and treats. So hopefully he will start making this a habit. Lets all hope!

Plus, I havent given him a bath in 2 weeks, he went out to the barn with me on friday and boy... HE REAKS.. just thought i'd share that part.. The barn owner LOVES him and BEGS me to bring him every day. HAHAHA. I love my boss!


April 3rd, 2010

02:05 pm - hair care
I've read that it is safe to use baby shampoo & conditioner on their hair, and I was wondering if it was also safe to use a kids no tears spray detangler with conditioner. My mom bought some to use on Paris, but I wanted to double check on it. Thanks!


The Easter bunny caught delivering early goodies to the dogs.

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March 27th, 2010

07:56 am - An update on Moe!
So, the potty training has gone down hill for the time being. My boyfriend is not very... hmm.. puppy smart..Meaning this : I cleaned the bedroom yesterday evening and in a pile of his clothes I find three days worth of pooh. Which is the exact number of days that Moe has not pooh'd outside for James.

So, we are on to the next endeavor because of this. Moe is learning to be outside, with my other larger dog (the one in my Icon). His name is Bud, he is a German Shepard/Akita, 5 years old, I've had him since he was around 4-5 months. Technically I had him at the same age as Moe, but due to circumstances, I had to leave him with friends who had his sister. But it all worked out int he end.

Moe has also learned that I can hold his paw, he can squeek n sqwak and make that he is about to die because I am holding his paw (just enough to not let go too boot) BUT I am NOT going to let go, and if I do end up having to let go, then I will just get ahold of it again.

But, yeah. Its been a busy week. So I havent gotten very far for anything else. Still 2 daily walks a day and witht he addition of being able to be outside. Hopefully we will make leaps n bounds n not need puppy pads any more.

Do any of you still use pads for your older yorkies?

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March 21st, 2010

09:05 pm - Meet Moe!
So this is the 3 month old yorkshire terrier that I adopted.
This photo is after only one bath and you can still kind of see the oil build up because of the stinky/clumpy hair all over him. After a bath the night we got him, the day after and now 6 days later... He looks awesome, shiny and startin to get super soft and silky!

Here he is after the first bath!

So, now you've met moe!

I also have another question for ya'll. Ive read on multiple Yorkie sites/breeder sites, that they reccommend bathing once a week and cleaning out the eyes every day. Ive already got the eye details (thank you by the way! Onc eyou said that and i started to do it every morning his eyes got way better) but the bathing.... do any of you deal with that!? I dont care about the hassle of it but I want to make sure I am going to get improvement from his coat and not regression... Let me know!

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March 20th, 2010

12:16 pm - New Puppy!
So.. Im new to the community... Under special circumstances, I did not get to do the research I wanted too before I become family to a 3 month old yorkshire terrier...

He wasnt in the greatest surroundings and covered in motor oil. 2 baths in Dawn dish soap later and we have somewhat of a normal puppy. We've named him Moe. He answered instantly to his name so I think he likes it.

Spoiled already. But a problem has risen up out of the wood works.. Moe likes the kitty pooh.. Any suggestions on how to detour this problematic behavior? Once he is bigger he wont be able to fit into the kitty door to the litter box.. but until then.... I was thinking about putting up a gate around the litter box until then.. We do clean the litter every day but he seems to get there before we do! brat.

Also, any suggestions on coat and eye care would be GREAT! Training is already under way.. in 1 week he has learned to walk on a leash with minimal bad behavior and we are now working on sit. Stay will be next! Plans for him would be some fun agility and he even gets to be my stables mascot! I am a stable manager so he and my larger dog, bud, get to go with me regularly if not every day!

Thank you!
Megan, Bud AND Moe.

I will post pictures but I havent found my cable yet! :{(

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January 21st, 2010

12:32 pm - Sorry if not allowed!
My Yorkie, Molly is in a most loveable pet contest for a local radio station! Will you please vote for her? :) You can vote every day!

Click to vote for Molly!

If not allowed, please let me know and I will remove.
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November 27th, 2009

12:18 am - My buddy Thor
This is my little buddy Thor...Collapse )


February 27th, 2009

09:46 am - Lethargy After Shots?
Aww my pup is under the weather today. He had his first vet appointment yesterday and did so well. He didn't cry or yelp when he got his shots, took his deworming like a champ and his physical shows he's doing very well. He weighs 3.1 pounds and is a little more than 10 weeks old. Poor pup, today he is just sleeping a lot and wanting extra cuddles. He was shaking a bit earlier so he now has his sweater on and is curled in his blanket.

I can only assume this is somewhat normal after shots? This was his second set. I remember the vet telling me to watch for vomiting, diarrhea and walking unusual / weakness / being clumsy more than usual. He has none of those symptoms...just the lethargy and sleepiness. Is this totally normal?

Sorry for all of the questions. This is my first dog. Thanks in advance.
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February 22nd, 2009

09:26 pm - House Training/Leash Training
 I was taking my pup out for a couple of days in a secluded part of my backyard, before we got him his leash. He was going outside in a pretty reliable fashion. Now that we are putting him on a leash (there is a Boxer across the way thar doesnt seem to like him) he is combative about staying outdoors to do his business. He is more focused on how annoyed he is by the leash than he is about going to do his business.

 I would rather stay firm on this issue than give in to what he wants, do you guys have any tips?

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February 20th, 2009

10:00 am - Intro!

 My name is Lauren and I got my yorkie today. His name is Radar and he is the younger half brother to Stryker. I am pumped to be here, as Radar is my first Yorkie. All of my previous pets have been Labradors.

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February 19th, 2009

07:31 am - Regarding Potty Training
Stryker is totally getting the urine training part down - I take him out on a leash, he does his business urine wise. At 10 weeks old, I think he's getting the concept quick. However, here's my question: For is poo, he is not going outside nor does it correlate with his times to urinate. His poo schedule is so odd whereas his urine schedule is about every 2.5 hours. He does not poo at the same times every day.

Are yorkies (and maybe other dogs) a lot like children are in the fact that a lot are urine trained before poo trained? His behaviour reminds me of my oldest daughter and how she was as a toddler. She would urinate fine in the toilet but for poo, she'd hide somplace and poo in her panties. He hides as well and leaves a tootsie roll behind. Is this common? I don't punish him, of course and pick it up and flush when he's not looking. Will their poo times become more consistant as they become older? Just wondering.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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February 10th, 2009

02:48 pm - Hi, Brand New to the Community - An Introduction :)
Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and recently bought a Yorkshire Terrier here locally in Germany. He's a male, 9 weeks old now. I've never owned a dog before, only cats, so you can imagine I am reading books, literature, websites and the like to make sure he is trained well and given all I can give him. (He's already spoiled rotten!)

Since I am in Germany and it is still very much winter time here, the breeder said to potty train him using a puppy pee pad and day by day as it gets warmer to slowly move the puppy pee pad closer and closer to the door that I will be using frequently to take him out for his relief. So far, he's doing very well urinating on the puppy pee pad, but pooing is another thing altogether. He leaves little logs in the same spot in a corner, out of sight. He seems very shy when it comes to pooing in front of anyone. Haha.

If I decide to start taking him outside to relieve himself now, with it being so cold, will he become ill? I'd hate having to pee in the snow and rain all the time, so I can imagine he won't like it either. Any suggestions?

Here are some photos of my little tyke. His name is Stryker. (He's named Stryker because my husband is career Military and in a deployable Stryker Calvary Unit - Strykers are HUGE like my little one's personality!)

Pics!Collapse )

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December 27th, 2008

07:59 pm
Hello everyone I just join the community because I need help with some questions I have.
My Yorkie, Dory is 4 almost 5yrs old, she's never been a sick dog when it comes to having worms or getting a flu and has never had any heart problems.
But she has a problem that started about three years ago and not even the vets have been able to tell me what it is, so here are the symptoms she goes through whenever this "attack" (lets call them "attacks" because I'm not sure what they are);

1. She startes to walk as if she was disoriented, and sometimes she might walk sideways.
She will quickly go to whoever is near as if looking for protection.

2. she loses strength and can't keep her self completely up so she sits and starts to

3. Twice it's been so severe that she completely lays on the floor as if unconcies yet
she still is because she has her eyes open, she doesn't answer when we call her she
just lays there and doesn't even raises her head. I was only present the second
time it happen, my mom was with her the first time, and like my mom I thought my
dog was dying when I saw her going through that.

The only thing that we do when this happens is caress her and little by little she starts to gain strength and stops shaking, and then she just starts to act like nothing happened and starts to play and eat her food.

She's been to the vet twice because of this but by the time we get there she's already normal. The vet is not sure what it can be, she was sent some medicine and it didn't help. The vet thinks it might have something to do with her liver but again she's not sure.

Does anyone here have this problem with their dog? Does anyone know what can be causing this?

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08:41 am - Yorkies in VA
Hello all! I'm new to this community and I am looking to get a Yorkie in about a year. I know that getting a dog is a big commitment, so I'm trying to learn as much as possible as early as possible so I am prepared to take care of my new family member! From reading past entries, it looks like the book Yorkies for Dummies is recommended, so I'll definitely be looking into that.

My main question is where can I get a Yorkie in Virginia? Have any of you gotten your Yorkie from a VA breeder? What about breeders in states close to VA? Also, if any of you have any input about rescuing Yorkies in VA, that would be great to hear. I really want a puppy, which is why I'm looking at breeders more than shelters.


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