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January 5th, 2011

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03:59 pm - an intro
Hi ya'll.. my name is joan.. I do not have a yorkie YET.. but will have.. eventually..

I have two big dogs.. and a few cats, the big dogs are wonderful with smaller animals (they think any creature smaller then them is their puppy.. including cats).. but I am reluctant to get a yorkie while they are still 'alive' because.. well a yorkie is diff then a 100 pound dog.. yorkies are lap dogs.. my two big dogs would love to be lap dogs.. and you tend to treat small animals diff then big ones, so i dont want my big babies to feel less loved..

they are older now, and not in their prime, one is in a lot of pain from advanced artheritis and as long as the doc says she has some good times i refuse to put her down, absolutely refuse it.. the other is getting there.. i will wait another 4 to 8 yrs for my yorkie if need be.. because i wont let any baby go before their time..

anyways, long story short.. i love yorkies.. neighbor across the street has one.. one thing i love about them (sorry hanna and kitty **my dogs**).. is the yorkies, all the ones i been round dont have that 'doggie' odor.. even when bathed the smell isnt strong, you know what i mean?
and they are S M A R T.. the neighbors dog.. they took time to go to a trainer and their dog.. sits, stays.. lays.. heels.. and 'hushes' when told to stop barking.. and she learned it 'fast'.. faster then my own two!.. i love smart animals.. i really love them..

though another friend of mine is like 'why do you want a cat that barks? get a real dog.. like the two you have now'.. *rolls eyes*

anyways.. just wanted to introduce myself.. and say hi.. and say 'eventually.. i will be a yorkie mommy too!'

I do have a question.. i got hanna and kitty.. two sibs.. because i always worry bout then feeling 'alone', when i am not or my older kids are not paying attention, or we go out to the movies and they would be left alone for two or three hours..

are yorkies better as 'singles', or do they do better in pairs?

thanks. :)

(you can see my babies now, in the icon)


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